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Устройство платежного терминала. Принципы работы


Платежный терминал – это аппарат с программным обеспечением, который принимает платежи по принципу самообслуживания. С его помощью ..

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Crash-Тест Купюроприменика ICT XBA


Crash-Тест Купюроприменика ICT XBA ..

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Parking kiosk selling from internet shop «SGPay»

Parking kiosk selling from internet shop «SGPay»

Parking kiosk in the closed parking or for the street parking represents a hardware-software complex which accepts payments for finding of the car on a parking in the self-service mode. Thanks to convenience, round-the-clock work and transparency of payments of a parkomata promptly gain trust of consumers of parking services.


In our online store we offer a wide range of parking machines for outdoor and/or indoor parking use:
Parking kiosk for a small parking lot with a minimum of functions;
Parking kiosk recharge the device that allows you to issue a surrender;
full-featured billing parking terminal, which has a touch screen, notes- and coin-operated, plastic card payment module, etc. Such parking terminals have increased wired housing and a special lock.

Generally parking machines(kiosks) / Devices for a parking are installed on paid parking and parkings near office buildings, the cultural centers, at the airports or at stations – i.e. everywhere where there is a need of commission of fast payment for parking services.


"Company special groups"  develops many years, makes and installs the modern equipment for automation of payment on parkings, and also provides full technical and information support of clients. Only here you will find the most favorable conditions for the vending business:

the minimum investments to start business – our parkomata differ in the favorable prices at steadily high quality;
parking machines demand the minimum quantity of expenses on service – low operational costs are explained by absence of the personnel in a parkomat-network and low electricity consumption;
round-the-clock work of the terminal will allow you to get profit 24 hours per day 7 days a week;
high extent of protection of the equipment against external factors, the strong anti-vandal case and the tempered glass.

Besides, due to the remote network monitoring parking system you can easily check the status of the network (for example, the amount of money in parking meters, time of collection, etc.). Remote access will also upgrade the software to change the price or change the configuration of parking kiosks.

Buy parking kiosks or, as it is called, the machine for parking, you can both in Odessa and Kiev, and order delivery to any city in Ukraine. Convenient shipping method and pay will make our cooperation the most comfortable!

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